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  • Our First Virtual Performance is Here!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Oct 15 2020
    We've found a way to sing "together" during this pandemic, when we can't be in person. Check out our performance of Almost There, all done from the comfort of our own homes.
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Singing is Good For Your Health!
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Dec 17 2016

    Did you know, singing... 

    strengthens your immune system! 

    is a workout! 

    improves your posture! 

    elevates endorphins, your feel-good hormones! 

    helps you breath more easily! 

    helps with sleep! 

    is a natural anti-depressant! 

    lowers stress levels! 

    improves mental alertness.! 

    widens your circle of friends! 

    boosts your confidence! 

    broadens communication skills! 

    improves your team work skills! 

    increases your well-being and happiness! 

    soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits! 

    Bottom line, singing makes you happy!

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